7 Gen Zers on what pursuing a fine arts education means today – FEMALE

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By Keng Yang Shuen


These young creatives share their goals, aspirations, and lessons from choosing this less-traveled path.


It sure seems like an empowering time to be studying the arts. This August, the first government-backed private arts university here, the University of the Arts Singapore, will welcome its inaugural cohort. According to The Straits Times in a Sept 2023 report, our country will continue to invest in arts education, while the National Arts Council’s latest Population Survey on the Arts showed consistent growth in interest in the arts and at least two-thirds of Singaporeans recognising the benefits of arts and culture on the community. Ultimately though, pursuing the arts as an academic discipline remains niche (according to the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth’s Singapore Cultural Statistics study in 2022, full-time enrolment in tertiary arts courses have been dipping year-on-year between 2016 and 2021). Here, seven youths share their intentions, aspirations and lessons learnt in having embarked on this path less chosen.

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